☆ Our involvement on Campus is very important to us. We are proud to say that every single one of our members is a part of another organization on campus outside of ZTA. Many of our women are members of clubs that revolve around their major. We also have sisters apart of activity based clubs such as Hiking, Karate and Snowboarding club! There is a club for almost everything! ...And if there isn't we can show you the three easy steps in order to start one! 

☆ Within the Greek community, our chapter participates in other sorority and fraternity service events. Whether that means a friendly sporting competition, donating money to other Greek philanthropies, cheering on Panhellenic sisters at their talent show or even just by buying a snack during food fair, ZTA is always more than happy to participate!

Here are some of our outstanding members and their recent campus involvement achievements:

Lucy was elected ASI President. She held a successful university-wide campaign. She travelled to the State Capitol and fought for more financial aid for all CSU campuses. 

Hillary held a university-wide campaign and was elected Greek Council Senator, where she intends to bring all of Greek life together through interactive events that will benefit the community and our campus.

Our Spring ‘19 class quickly became campus leaders this Fall. Emily is Cal Poly Pomona’s new Greek Council President, Hannah is the Greek Council Attorney General, and Sam is our Panhellenic Council Assistant to the Vice President. 

Daniela recently became Editor-in-Chief for The Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s student-run newspaper since 1940 that provides coverage of the campus and local community.


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