Sisterhood is very important to us just as our founders taught us. We strive to maintain sisterhood through various activities such as studying picnics on campus, retreats, beach trips, and sporting games. In this chapter, you will become best friends with girls that will last a lifetime. Sisterhood helps keep our chapter so strong.

Besides the usual lunches shared on the grass during U-Hour, study dates in the library and sleepovers with more movies than sleeping, our chapter organizes sisterhood events to help our members experience this unique friendship in a different and exciting atmosphere. This year we went laser tagging, tie-dyeing, bowling, had a clothing swap, and of course Mother Daughter Tea and Father Daughter BBQ.

Here are some details of our most recent Spring Semester sisterhoods:

Our service chair Krissy organized a Valentine’s Day sisterhood where we made candy bags and wrote letters for a special needs class at Brea Olinda High School. Our sisterhood chair Isabella organized a sisterhood with our LC, Delaney Johnson, where we had a clothing swap in hopes of making use out of clothing we may get rid of in the future. This event was held to reduce wasteful use of old clothing, to participate in group activities, and to hear some wise advice from Delaney.

We have sisterhood events all of the time, and no two Sisterhoods are ever the same. 

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