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☆ Why Go ZTA? ☆

• For sisterhood that lasts a lifetime!
• Provides a home away from home.
• A chance to increase involvement at Cal Poly Pomona and in the community
• Scholarship
• Opportunity to serve others
• Fun social experiences
• Leadership development
• Personal Growth


New opportunities open a world for you to explore. In Zeta Tau Alpha, we have chosen to explore this world together, as sisters forever. You will see the countless benefits and amazing experiences that await you – even after leaving college.

As Greek women, we believe in improving scholastic potential, teaching acts of good citizenship and experiencing the benefits of lifelong friendship and sisterhood. We focus our philanthropic service to fighting a cancer that affects our whole society. Zeta Tau Alpha is proud to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation through hosting our annual Casino Night and our commitment to breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

Going away to college is an emotional milestone for every girl. But in Zeta, we truly have a home away from home, a place where we can always go through the doors and be accepted and loved. After all, we were friends first, now we are sisters always.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is “recruitment”?
Recruitment (formerly known as “rush”) is a week-long process in which active members and potential new members, or PNM’s, get to know each other. It consists of four days where potential new member become acquainted with each group’s history, philanthropy and sisterhood.

What is “total” or “chapter total”?
Total is the total number of girls a chapter can have. This number is set by Panhellenic Council and is sometimes referred to as “chapter total”. The total membership of a chapter cannot exceed the number set by Panhellenic unless it is through the members gained in formal recruitment.

What is “quota”?
Quota is the maximum number of new members a chapter is allowed to take during recruitment. Quota is determined by the number of potential new members remaining after the Preference Party invitations are accepted, divided by the number of participating sororities.

What is a legacy?
A legacy is someone who has a member of their family that currently belongs to the fraternity they are looking into.

What is NPC?
NPC stands for National Panhellenic Council and it represents the national group of 26 women’s sororities in North America. Representatives from each national sorority get together to support and promote sororities across North America.

What is a “Rho Chi”?
A Rho Chi is a Sorority Recruitment Counselor. She is a member of an NPC fraternity on the university’s campus who guides potential new members throughout the week’s activities. She is meant to be a counselor to the PNM’s when she has questions about Greek Life. Each Rho Chi was chosen by the Panhellenic Council for her ability to relate to people, her positive attitude, her knowledge of the Panhellenic system and her ability to help PNM’s experience recruitment week in the most positive way possible.

How long does a bid last?
A formal recruitment bid is binding for one calendar year. When presented with her Preference Card, a potential new member indicates which groups are her first and second choices for membership. Having expressed her willingness to accept a bid from any group listed in order of her Preference Card, the potential new member must fully understand that refusal to accept a bid extended to her by a group she has preferenced makes her ineligible to pledge any other NPC fraternity on that campus for one calendar year.

What happens on bid day?
All the potential new members gather in a designated area and bids are handed out by the Rho Chi’s. If the PNM decides to sign her bid, she then joins the other members of her pledge class. Once all the decisions are made, the Rho Chi’s reveal for the first time what their affiliations are. Each chapter has a different method of celebrating this occasion, but learning songs and cheers are usually involved.

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